CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The Klesch Collection Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art

Deadline: June 20th, 2023 The Klesch Collection offers grants towards the yearly cost of university fees to graduate students who have been accepted into a full-time Art History MA or PhD course of study worldwide, beginning the next academic year. PhD students are welcome to apply for any year in their programme.Applications will be consideredContinue reading “CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The Klesch Collection Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art”

ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarships 2023!

ARTES is delighted to announce the winners of our annual travel scholarships, generously supported by CEEH. Philip Muijtjens, Cambridge University – £750 for travel to Burgos A Spanish Patron in Fifteenth-Century Rome and Burgos: Bishop Juan Díaz de Coca (d.1477) Born into a family of conversos, Juan Díaz de Coca (1389-1477) started his ecclesiastical careerContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarships 2023!”

ARTES-CEEH PhD Scholarship Report 2023

Thanks to the generous support of ARTES-CEEH PhD. Scholarship, I conducted my research in London last November and made significant advances in my PhD thesis’s archive work. My Thesis is titled Isidro Gálvez y los dibujos de la Flora peruviana et chilensis, supervised by Dr Ángel Justo Estebaranz at Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). My workContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH PhD Scholarship Report 2023”

ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship Report | Irini Picolou, Durham University

ARTES is delighted to share Irini Picolou’s report of her research trip, funded by the CEEH/ARTES Travel Scholarship. We are currently accepting applications for 2023, please click here for details (deadline 31st January). The generous scholarship provided by ARTES and the CEEH gave me the opportunity to conduct an exciting and productive research trip. MyContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship Report | Irini Picolou, Durham University”

ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report – Kirk Patrick H. Testa

Investigating the Spanish Roots of Filipino Catholic Devotion through the Santo Niño de Cebú Through the generous funding of the Artes-CEEH Travel Scholarship, I was able to conduct invaluable research not only for my Courtauld History of Art MA dissertation but also for a future publication. By visiting the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, IContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report – Kirk Patrick H. Testa”

ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship Report: Eva Sierra

Thanks to the generous support of the ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship, I was able to carry out some research at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, Spain, in June 2021. The topic of my dissertation, The Archangel Saint Michael in the Fifteenth-century Crown of Aragon: a different perspective, gives an idea of the period I needed toContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship Report: Eva Sierra”

ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report: Marina Aurora Garzón Fernández

In 2021 I was awarded an ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship for the project “My darling, fly thou: New iconography of the Song of Songs in Iberian medieval sculpture”. Unfortunately, Covid forced me to delay my research and I was unable to pursue my work until this Autumn. In fact, I am currently at the British LibraryContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report: Marina Aurora Garzón Fernández”

ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report, 2022: Nausheen Hoosein

With the generosity of the ARTES-CEEH PhD Scholarship, I have made significant progress on my research, writing, as well as additional skills training. I am a second-year PhD student in the History of Art department at the University of York working under the supervision of Dr Richard McClary. My thesis is titled ‘From Umayyad Madinat al-ZahraContinue reading “ARTES-CEEH Scholarship Report, 2022: Nausheen Hoosein”

ARTES/CEEH Scholarship Report: Carter Lyon

With the generous support of the ARTES-CEEH PhD Scholarship, I conducted a research trip to Madrid in September 2022. This informed my work on the methods and materials of the Spanish scholar-artist Vicente Carducho (c. 1576-1638), whose Self Portrait (c.1633-38) and treatise Diálogos de la Pintura (1633) are at the core of my PhD thesis.Continue reading “ARTES/CEEH Scholarship Report: Carter Lyon”

ARTES CEEH Travel Scholarship Report: Daen Palma Huse

The ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship supported my travels to Spain in July 2021. I conducted research in three different cities – Madrid, Seville and Vitoria-Gasteiz. This primary research directly benefited the preparation of my MA thesis, and progressed into further research at PhD level at the UCL History of Art department starting in 2022. My initialContinue reading “ARTES CEEH Travel Scholarship Report: Daen Palma Huse”