Open House Madrid, 26-27 September 2015


Open House Madrid 2015

Advannotice: 26-27 September 2015 will see Madrid enjoy its first ‘Open House’ modeled on the heritage open-days that London and other British cities such as Liverpool and Oxford have had since 1992. Madrid’s ‘Open House’ will open 70 buildings to the public, including the Bank of Spain, which will offer guided visits of the architecture and the Bank’s art collection. Although the list of open buildings has yet to be finalised it should also include the seat of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, and the newly built Gimnasio Maravillas in Chamartín along with other businesses, hotels, private houses, cultural and sports centres, rehabilitated buildings and architectural studios.

The ‘Open House’ will also coincide with the print collectors’ fair (Feria Arte Estampa) held in Madrid’s Matadero.

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