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Membership benefits

  • Invitations to members-only events: private views of exhibitions, collections, galleries and museums in the UK, Europe and the US with leading experts

    Rivera, Palace, Mexico City

    Diego Rivera, The Conquest of Mexico, Palacio Nacional, Mexico City

  • Regular email posts on forthcoming conferences, talks, exhibitions and books both in the UK and overseas
  • A copy of InformARTES, our annual newsletter on the world of Iberian and Latin American art
  • A copy of the annual visual arts issue of the Hispanic Research Journal, containing articles on Iberia and Latin American and reviews of relevant books and exhibitions
  • Access to a network of the world’s leading Iberian and Latin American art experts

How to Join

ARTES is Registered Charity No. 1112883. Per calendar year, membership fees are:

  • £20/ 30 Euros – full-time students
  • £35/ 50 Euros – standard adult membership
  • £75/ 100 Euros – associate membership (up to 6 staff or students from the same institution)

To join, please download and complete the ARTES Membership Form 2020 and return by email or post (together with the ARTES Gift Aid Formif possible – see below) to or the address supplied on our current Membership Form.

Artes will keep your personal data secure and not release it to third parties. We will use it to communicate with you electronically and by post.



Please note we no longer accept payments via the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Membership is from January to January
Important: to receive our posts and news items, follow our blog or social media pages, as explained in the instructions below. 

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can pay your subscription under Gift Aid, which enables ARTES to receive 20% of your subscription fee back from HMRC. To do this, please fill in, email or post ARTES Gift Aid Form to or to the postal address given on our current ARTES membership form.

Follow Us…

…via email

The ARTES blog is where we post information on ARTES events, as well as exciting news from the world of Iberian and Latin American art. By following our blog, you will receive these postings directly in your mailbox, rather than having to consult the website each time. Please click here for instructions on how to follow our blog via email.

…on Facebook 

All ARTES news are shared on our Facebook page, @artesorguk

…on Twitter

All ARTES news are shared on Twitter, @artesorguk

…on Instagram

Some photos from our trips and events are shared on Instagram, @artesorguk

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