ARTES supports the Maius workshop, which has its own website, available here

Spain, perhaps in Tábara, ca. 940-945
Morgan Library, MS M.644 fol. 52v


Named after the tenth-century painter and scribe of the Morgan Beatus manuscript, the Maius Workshop is an interdisciplinary group that brings together graduate students and early career scholars who share interests in the Hispanic world, encompassing history, art, literature, theatre, music, and more. The group’s primary focus spans the middle ages to  early modernity, but scholars outside these chronological limits are also welcome.

Maius aims to encourage dialogue among specialists working in different institutions and disciplines, and at various stages of their academic life, creating an inclusive and collaborative network of Hispanists. Our meetings are informal and supportive, enabling participants to discuss their research projects and methodological problems, and also to share practical advice. Not a platform for polished work, we are a studio, a laboratory, a workbench—a friendly environment to try and test new ideas, and an exciting venue for unexpected discoveries and connections.

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