3D Models – Iberian Peninsula

A collection of 3D models of architecture and objects in Spain and Portugal. Click directly on the image or its name to be redirected to the 3D model’s site: with a mouse try click and dragging, double-click and dragging, or moving the scroll wheel; on a touch screen drag with one or two fingers, or pinch/expand with two fingers to zoom in/out. ARTES takes no credit for the production of any of these models, and we are hugely grateful to all those who have shared their models on Sketchfab and other platforms.
Our aim is to ensure that all models are accompanied by a brief text and bibliography: please do send us recommendations of other models to include


Andalusi Objects

Carrion casket:

Jineta sword:

Pamplona/ Leyre casket:

San Zoilo, 10c silk:

Silos casket:

Zamora pyxis:



Oviedo cathedral cloister:

Oviedo cathedral chapter house:

San Miguel de Lillo:

San Julian de los Prados:

Santa Cristina de Lena:

Victory Cross – Cruz de la Victoria:


Burgos cathedral, Puerta del Sarmental:

Burgos cathedral, Puerta de la Coronería:

Burgos museum altar frontal, 14c:

Miraflores church:

Miraflores, Tomb of Juan II and Isabel de Portugal:

San Juan Bautista, Santoyo:

Santo Domingo de Silos – Emmaus/ Thomas:

Santo Domingo de Silos – Tree of Jesse:


Facade of the Great Mosque of Cordoba:

Synagogue of Cordoba:


Granada Madraza:


Cloister, León Cathedral:

Corner of cloister, León Cathedral:

Nave and presbytery, León Cathedral:

León cathedral preserves more medieval glass than any other Iberian church. Most of what is visible here was made in the 13th and 14th centuries, though there were extensive restorations in the 19th century, and the colours in this image have been artificially enhanced. The Gothic cathedral was begun in the 1250s, and its elevations are strongly indebted to Rayonnant churches in France, especially the new work at Saint-Denis (begun in 1231) and the cathedral in Châlons-en-Champagne. Here at León the vast windows occupy the full width of each bay, and the triforium was fully glazed. The high altar is dominated by the great altarpiece by Nicolás Francés (d. 1468) [Tom Nickson, July 2020]

Further reading:

J. Yarza Luaces, M. V. Herráez Ortega and G. Boto Varela, eds, Congreso Internacional “La catedral de León en la Edad Media”: actas, León 7-11 de abril de 2003 (León 2004)

South transept portal, Leon Cathedral:

Santa Maria de Arbas:

Santa Maria de Gradefes, vaults:

San Miguel de la Escalada:


Cross of Ferdinand I and Sancha:

Husillos sarcophagus:


Altarpiece, San Saturnino:

Puerta Preciosa, Cloister of Cathedral of Pamplona:

The Puerta Preciosa (c. 1318-1355) served as the threshold between the cloister and the private dormitory of the canons of Pamplona, who lived communally in the cathedral complex until the middle of the nineteenth century. The door’s name derives from a psalm, beginning with the words ‘Preciosa in conspectu Domini…’ (precious in the sight of the Lord…), which was sung by the canons as they retired to their sleeping quarters in a nightly procession. This partial digital reconstruction of the portal shows details from the tympanum, which includes scenes from the end of the life, the death, and the coronation of the Virgin. The inner archivolts visible in the 3D model feature a series of crowned women, standing beneath microarchitectural canopies. Click here for an image of the entire Puerta Preciosa, which includes additional Marian imagery, such as the Annunciation jamb figures. [Jamie Haskell, July 2020]

Further reading:

José Salvador-González, ‘La Puerta Preciosa de la catedral de Pamplona. Interpretación iconográfica fundada en fuentes apócrifas’, Eikón Imago 2(2012): 1-48.

Santiaga Hidalgo Sánchez, ‘El ciclo de la Dormición en el claustro de la catedral de Pamplona’, Revue Mabillon 22 (= t.83) (2011): 145-176.

Santiago de Compostela

Google Arts and Culture Collection on Santiago de Compostela:

Collection of 3D models, virtual exhibitions, and other resources


Alcazar, Segovia:

Cathedral, Segovia:

Vera Cruz, Segovia:


Alcazar, Seville:

Patio de las Muñecas, Alcazar, Seville:

Hall of Ambassadors, Alcazar, Seville:


Cathedral nave, Tarragona:


San Juan de los Reyes cloister portal:

Tombs from the Capilla de San Blas, Toledo Cathedral:

Cristo de la Luz, Toledo:

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Portal of the Colegio de San Gregorio:


Presbytery, Cathedral of Valencia:

Holy Chalice Chapel, Cathedral of Valencia:

Villalcazar de Sirga

Tomb of Inés Rodríguez Girón:

Frieze from Santa María la Blanca, Villalcazar de Sirga:

Portal, from Santa María la Blanca, Villalcazar de Sirga:


Central Portal, Vitoria Cathedral:




Santa Maria da Feira:


Holy Trinity from convent of São Domingos of Évora:


Belém Tower:

Portal of Santa Maria de Belem:


Mourisca fountain: