CFP: Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World (Lisbon, 11-12 Oct 16)


2016-03-GulbenkianLogoCFP: Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World
International Congress, Lisbon, Fundação Gulbenkian
11-12 October 2016

Deadline: 29 April 2016

The international congress Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World, 1552-1752 invites reconsideration of the topic of the copy in these territories over the course of these two centuries. The period covered begins in 1552, the year in which Antonio Moro arrived in Portugal, and ends in 1752, when the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando was established in Madrid. To a certain extent, these events mark the beginning and end of the history of the copy during the Early Modern Period in the Iberian world. This time period also includes the period of sixty years during which Portugal and Spain were unified under the same government owing to the turns of dynastic succession, the so called period of the “two Philips” (1580-1640).

Members of the academic community are invited to submit their proposals for this conference before 29 April 2016. Please email abstract proposals (up to 20 lines), including a brief CV (1 page), to  Papers will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. The committee will inform of their selection to all the applicants in June 2016. A registration fee of 50 € will be required to all participants. The selected speakers will have the option of submitting their papers for publication in a special issue of the journal Revista de História da Arte –Serie W (, due to appear in 2017. Papers for publication will have to comply with the journal’s editorial guidelines, including peer review.

Further information: please click here.


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