Symposium – One Hundred Years of Cultural Transfer: Barcelona 1888-1992 – 24-25 Nov 2016 – Barcelona

International Symposium
One Hundred Years of Cultural Transfer: Barcelona 1888-1992

24-25 November 2016

Departament d’Humanitats-Institut de Cultura
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

The advent of Barcelona as a modern, cosmopolitan, innovative metropolis, open to the world, is punctuated by two founding events: the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and, a century on, the Olympic Games of 1992. Both are key moments for the presentation and (self-) representation of the city with a transnational and global scope.

The International Symposium One Hundred Years of Cultural Transfer: Barcelona 1888-1992 will examine, from a critical and multidisciplinary perspective, a string of cultural transfers marking the century spanning from 1888 to 1992, and opening the debate on how these transfers contributed to an interweaving between Barcelona and other Western capitals. Going beyond the privileged axis of exchanges between Barcelona and Paris, the Symposium will encompass other European and American centres of reference, such as London, Vienna, Berlin, New York, Mexico City or Buenos Aires, with the aim of lifting the discussion to a transnational dimension that transcends bilateral frameworks.

Organising Committee: Pol Capdevila (, Tobias Locker ( and Tomas Macsotay (

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