TOMORROW: Webinar – Jesús Porres (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid), ‘De Sevilla a Edimburgo: genesis y recorrido de La Vieja Friendo Huevos’, organised by the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh, 11 October, 5pm

The “Old Woman Frying Eggs”, Diego Velázquez’s masterpiece, can be admired at the Scottish National Gallery. It is one of those unmistakable Spanish-Scottish connections we like to revisit through our online cultural seminars. Professor Jesús Ángel Porres, from Rey Juan Carlos University, will tell us about the artistic environment in Seville at the beginning of the 17th century, when the painting saw the light. He will be introduced by Aidan Weston-Lewis, head of the European Collection at the National Gallery of Scotland, who will speak about the painting’s vicissitudes before reaching the National Gallery.

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