CFP: Early Modern Hybridity and Globalization: Artistic and Architectural Exchange in the Iberian World

2014-05-RSA-Berlin-2015CFP: Early Modern Hybridity and Globalization: Artistic and Architectural Exchange in the Iberian World,  Renaissance Society of America conference, Berlin 2015
Scholarship has accepted “hybridity” as a term referring to cultural cross-fertilization in the early modern globalized society. This panel will examine ideas of exchange in artistic and architectural design in the Iberian world of the period. We will explore Spain and Portugal and their wider imperial dominions as points for cultural exchange. We welcome proposals that explore the impact of cultural encounters on art and architecture. We seek papers that examine Iberian encounters in Europe, including the Peninsula itself, as well as those in the wider world, from the South-East Asia to the Americas. We are particularly interested in research that deals with the way in which communities  – artists, patrons, collectors and audiences – negotiated global/transoceanic trends and symbols of local identity in the production of art and architecture. Papers will explore artistic and architectural design that embodies hybridity, rather than for example collections of exotica.
Please send your proposals, an abstract of no more than 150 words, and a short CV, no longer than one side of an A4 sheet of paper, to the co-chairs, Laura Fernández-González, University of Edinburgh ( /, and Marjorie Trusted, Victoria & Albert Museum ( before 2 June 2014.

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