José de Madrazo y Agudo (1781-1859) Drawings, Santander

2014-06-Jose de MadrazoJosé de Madrazo y Agudo (1781-1859) Drawings, Fundación Botín, Santander, 12 June – 14 September. Exhibition of a previously unpublicized aspect of Madrazo’s work, including many drawings from the hundreds of previously unknown works recently discovered by the Prado in the hands of Madrazo’s descendants. The exhibition includes 61 drawings, four prints and four oils and a bust portrait of the artist by Ponciano Ponzano. Apart from the 58 works lent by the Prado there are also loans from the Museo Nacional de Romanticismo, Madrid; Lille’s Musée des Beaux Arts; the Kunstsammlungen, Dresden; and the Hispanic Society of New York. José de Madrazo was the patriarch of the artistic Madrazo clan and trained in the neoclassical style in Paris under David (1748-1825). The exhibition is curated by Carlos G Navarro, from the Department of 19th-century painting at the Prado, who will also be working on a future Madrazo catalogue raisonné. This is a further example in the series of monographic exhibitions organized since 2007 by the Fundación Botín to showcase the work of Spanish master draughtsmen.

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