Coll & Cortés, London

2014-06-Masterpaintingsweek2014_logoColl & Cortés Fine Arts, London, will be taking part in Master Paintings Week in London 4- 11 July 2014.
The gallery will by exhibiting, amongst other works, a portrait by Alonso Cano (1601-1667) of Don Antonio Pedro Sancho Dávila Toledo y Álvarez Osorio (1615-1689), IV Marquis of Velada and X Marquis of Astorga, who was Madrid’s ambassador to Rome and Viceroy of Naples. He is shown wearing pince-nez spectacles known as quevedos in Spain after the Spanish poet Francisco de Quevcedo, (1580-1645).
The portrait is thought to have been painted between 1657 and 1660 during the artist’s second stay in Madrid. The portrait remained in the Velada family until 2006.
2014-06-DonAntonioPedro Sanch Davila etc.

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