Frivolite: Indumentaria del siglo XVIII. Museo San Telmo, San Sebastián

2014-07-Frivolite-MuseoSanTelmoSanSebastianFrivolite: Indumentaria del siglo XVIII. Colección del Museo San Telmo
San Sebastián’s Museo San Telmo displays for the first time 42 items from its collection of 18th-century costume, 14 June – 28 September.
The exhibition includes entire dress combinations along with stockings and accessories such as fans and bags all placed in context by prints, paintings and fashion magazines of the period. It is accompanied by an audiovisual display of the conservation of the items before display. The great part of the museum’s costume collection was donated in the 1940s by the wife of the local painter Santiago Arcos Ugalde (Santiago, Chile 1852-1912 San Sebastián). The artist may have collected the costume as props to aid him in the production of his historical genre paintings or to use in the fancy-dress parties that they regularly attended. According to at least one label sewn into a jacket, some of the items belonged to the French actress Vieginie Dejazet, who specialized in playing historical roles of the 17th and 18th centuries.

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