CFP: Art and Experience in 15th Century Naples: Renaissance Society of America, Boston 2016

62nd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America
Boston, 31 March–2 April 2016
Park Plaza Hotel and Hynes Convention Center

2015-05-Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

Call for Papers: Art and Experience in 15th Century Naples: Defining an Artistic Center
(Deadline: May 31, 2015)
This panel investigates critical questions surrounding the study of fifteenth-century Neapolitan art. We invite papers that explore questions as fundamental as:

  • What is Neapolitan art?
  • Who were the predominant artists and patrons of the period?
  • What were the social and political functions of art in Quattrocento Naples and in what respect did they differ from those of other centers?
  • What was the relationship between court and city in the Aragonese period and what relevance did it have for the production of art?
  • Was there a conception of “napolitanità” in the fifteenth century, and if so, can it be linked to distinctive artistic styles, forms and types?

More specifically:

  • How did artists working in Naples handle the importation of foreign models, and which visual elements were adapted, translated, or dismissed during this process?
  • In what ways did Neapolitan art and artists participate in global networks of artistic exchange, and how did these trans-regional interactions impact material culture at home and abroad?
  • In what way does Naples challenge traditional art historical concepts and narratives such as “school” or “Renaissance”?

By 31 May please submit a paper title, 150-word abstract (preferably including an image), keywords, and a 300-word curriculum vitae to both organizers, Nicole Riesenberger ( and Adrian Bremenkamp (


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