Fellowship: Rosaria Cigliano Fellowships at the Fondazione 1563


Claude Lorrain                                                View of La Crescenza, 1648–1650
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura of the Compagnia di San Paolo launches a competition for 5 Fellowships on the Age and the Culture of Baroque, part of the Rosaria Cigliano Fellowships Program.Disci


Research proposals for the 2018 call will need to pertain to the following theme: ‘Landscape and nature (1680-1750).’

The competition is open to researchers born after 1st January 1983 holding a university or master’s degree, or other equivalent degrees, issued by an Italian or equivalent foreign University.
Priority will be given to applicants holding a PhD or equivalent from an Italian or foreign university.

The Foundation seeks studies focused on the following disciplines, which can be approached in a multi- or cross-disciplinary lens:

– social and demographic history
– political history
– history of economics and history of economic thought
– history of science and technology
– history of literature
– history of philosophy
– history of music
– history of theater
– art history
– history of architecture
– military history.

A complete description of the 2018 competition is available online.

Applications will be submitted exclusively using the forms available online and following the procedure indicated on the Foundation’s website under Bandi/ Borse di studio sull’Età e la Cultura del Barocco 2018
at http://www.fondazione1563.it.

Applications must be submitted by 22 July 2018 at 12 am (midnight).


Info: elisabetta.ballaira@fondazione1563.it – info@fondazione1563.it

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