María del Carmen Garrido Pérez, former Prado conservator, 1947-2020

María del Carmen Garrido Pérez was one of Spain’s leading conservators who specialised in the technical research and conservation of Spanish paintings from the 15th through to the 20th century. Having studied Art History at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where she was awarded her doctorate in 1979 with a thesis on the physical and chemical analysis of Hispano-Flemish paintings of the Renaissance, she went on to work from 1980 until 2015 at the Prado Museum’s Technical Documentation Office, which she headed from 1982. The result of her research and technical studies are the numerous books, articles and monographs, including: a technical study of Picasso’s Guernica (1981, in collaboration with María José Cabrera), and one of many technical publications on Velazquez in 1999. Over the years she also contributed to and collaborated with others in many exhibitions and participated in many associated conferences. In 2006 she collaborated with Gabriele Finaldi (now Director of the National Gallery in London) in the Prado’s exhibition El trazo oculto. Underlying drawings in 15th and 16th century paintings.

Text courtesy of Xanthe Brooke

2 thoughts on “María del Carmen Garrido Pérez, former Prado conservator, 1947-2020

  1. I met Senora Garrido in the 2014 El Greco Conference at Iraklio Crete and was happy to talk with her. I need to study her book “EL Greco pintor::Estudio tecnico”. Could you kindly guide me on how to go about acquiring a copy of it at this time? With my thanks, Stella Lewis

    1. Hello Dr. Stella Lewis,

      Xanthe Brooke has offered the following suggestions, I hope they’re helpful!

      According to the WorldCat website there are copies of this book in the British Library (General Reference Collection LF.31.b.1174) and the National Art Library in the V&A Museum, both of which of course are presently closed. According to the latest government announcements, the British Library could be reopening from 12 April and the NAL from 17 May.

      As the book was published in 2015 by the Prado, which is open, you may be able to purchase a copy on the Prado’s online shop.

      Very best,

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