TOMORROW: Zurbarán Centre/ARTES Seminar Series, 3 November, 6.00 PM | Adam Jasienski, ‘Hablando a nuestro modo’: Art and Didacticism in Early Modern Hispanic Writing

We are pleased to announce that the fourth seminar of the Zurbarán Centre-ARTES autumn Research Seminar Series will take place on Wednesday, 3 November at 6.00 PM (GMT).    

Adam Jasienski, ‘Hablando a nuestro modo’: Art and Didacticism in Early Modern Hispanic Writing

Discussions of painting and sculpture permeate early modern Spanish books of jurisprudence, religious doctrine, and political history. Why did writing about the making and viewing of art, broadly understood, lend itself to discussing difficult concepts in non-artistic fields? Painting and sculpture were intellectual endeavors that mediated between human and divine realms but they were also artisanal and handmade. This duality granted them broad conceptual applicability, encouraging numerous thinkers to deploy them metaphorically in the service of epistemology.

Please register here:

The seminar series has been jointly organised by the Zurbarán Centre and the ARTES Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture Group in association with the Embassy of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes.

The event is free and open to all. Please click here for the full programme and more information on the seminar series.

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