The Generation of ´14: Science and Modernity, Madrid

2014-05-Generacion_14_bne_ev.jpg_5796651The Generation of ´14: Science and Modernity – a century on, Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, 14 March – 1 June 2014. An exhibition of almost 300 books, documents, letters, photographs, posters and art related to the generation of Spanish authors, journalists, scientists and artists, born in the 1880s and 90s, who in 1914 launched a campaign and a journal (España) aiming to modernize Spanish intellectual and cultural life by turning to Europe – Germany, France and Britain – as inspiration. The men and some feminist-inspired women were led by Ortega y Gasset and the doctor and historian Gregorio Marañon and portrayed by artists such as José Gutiérrez Solana and Ignacio Zuloaga.

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