Prado New Acquisitions (2013)

2014-06-Museo del PradoThe Prado has put on display (from April 2014 onwards) in the appropriate gallery rooms its acquisitions over the last year. These include six Spanish paintings: two early works painted by Alonso Cano before 1638, St Teresa of Avila’s Vision of Christ Crucified and St Teresa’s Vision of the Resurrected Christ (or) The Mystic Marriage of St Teresa, both in Room 10a; Luis Morales’ Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, with an elaborate and detailed landscape; in Room 7 a Cristo exemplo de martires painted by Juan de Roelas and his workshop for Seville’s Mercedarian monastery; in Room 18 an iconographically unusual painting elaborating on the theme of the Immaculate depicting God portraying the Immaculate Virgin by the Rome and Valencia-trained José García Hidalgo (1645-1717), who moved to Madrid in 1674; and finally in Room 10, an anonymous seventeenth-century and highly naturalistic Repentant St Peter.The Prado has also acquired Mariano Fortuny’s 1867 copy of Ribera’s St Andrew. It was put on show in April 2014 in Room 9 alongside the original painting by Ribera which served as its model, in a small in-focus display, which also includes Fortuny’s Naked old man in the sun, painted in Granada between 1870 and 1872, and his watercolour copy of Velázquez’s Menippus.

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