ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship Report: Eva Sierra

Thanks to the generous support of the ARTES-CEEH Travel Scholarship, I was able to carry out some research at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, Spain, in June 2021. The topic of my dissertation, The Archangel Saint Michael in the Fifteenth-century Crown of Aragon: a different perspective, gives an idea of the period I needed to research and the language in which many sources were written.  It was difficult to find many journals about 15th century Spanish art (specifically in the Crown of Aragon)  in the main libraries in London, due to the fact that they are Spanish publications. I had to do most of my research online due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and online access to these types of journals was extremely difficult. A similar situation happened when I tried to access small museums online (diocesan museums in the regions of Cataluña, Valencia, Murcia). So, even if I knew there were some interesting examples of altarpieces in these cities, I couldn’t find or use any images.

J. Antigo, H. Borrassa, Retablo de San Miguel de Castello d’Empuries, Milagro de Maloar, detail (1448, Museu d’Art de Girona, Spain).

The Travel Scholarship allowed me to travel to Madrid and expand my research, but sadly, due to the Covid restrictions that were in place in Spain at that time, I couldn’t travel to other cities to visit these small museums. Nonetheless, I managed to spend some time checking publications that were not available in London. Hence, I am most grateful to ARTES and CEEH for helping me to expand the research for my final dissertation.

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