Barcelona: Ramon Casas

Ramón Casas

Círculo del Liceo de Barcelona
Barcelona, 10 May – 20 July 2016


Exhibition of nearly 100 works marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Casas (1866-1932). Curated by Isabel Coll Mirabent, a specialist in the fin de siècle period. Focuses on the artist’s lover and muse, Julia Peraire (b.1888), the lottery-ticket seller whom he met in 1905 and married in 1922, and whom he portrayed in oils, drawings and posters, in a variety of guises from femme fatale to chaste nun. Most of these images have never been shown in public together before.

The exhibition is displayed in the rooms of the private modernista style club with which Casas was closely associated and from whose collections and those of its members the artworks have mainly been selected.

The Círculo has also organised a programme of lectures.

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