Madrid: Spanish Drawings from the Uffizi

I Segni nel tempo. Dibujos españoles de los Uffizi
Real Academia de San Fernando
Madrid, 12 May – 24 July 2016

Exhibition of 129 Spanish drawings from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries selected from the Uffizi’s holdings in Florence by Professor Benito Navarrete. The exhibition is the result of two years of research among drawings some 77 of which were previously considered to be Italian or north European and are now published for the first time as of Spanish authorship.The most important of these discoveries is a drawing, formerly considered German, and now attributed to Juan de Juanes for his lost painting Dead Christ supported by Angels. Other new works include drawings by Alonso de Berruguete, Vicente Carducho, Francisco Pacheco and Herrera the Younger all discovered among the ‘Italian’ works.

The origin of the Uffizi’s Spanish drawings was a collection put together in Madrid around 1745 by a Florentine merchant Giovanni Filippo Michelozzi; the rest were donated in 1866 by the sculptor Emilio Santarelli (1801-1886). Artists represented range from Gaspar Becerra to Meléndez and include works by Luis de Vargas Alonso Cano and Ribera.

View a selection of drawings from the exhibition here.


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