Opens today: ‘Woman. Art & Power. Three Habsburg Women’, Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck

fc3a4cher-kk-4751-1-248x4002xRunning until 7th October 2018, this large-scale special exhibition at Ambras Castle, Innsbruck focuses on three remarkable Renaissance women, rulers and collectors of the House of Habsburg engaged in the arts: Margaret of Austria (1480-1530), Mary of Hungary (1505-1558), and Catherine of Austria (1507-1578). This will be the first comparative analysis of courtly female patronage will be undertaken.

This high-calibre exhibition presents some one hundred works from important European collections, including objects from Ambras Castle, Innsbruck and outstanding pieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

The major special exhibition is curated by Dagmar Eichberger and Annemarie Jordan Gschwend and will be accompanied by a catalogue in German/English.

2 thoughts on “Opens today: ‘Woman. Art & Power. Three Habsburg Women’, Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck

  1. Dear Ms. Beltrami Thanks so much for the PR and announcement of our show which opened with a BANG! But the picture you show below is of a Baroque Spanish queen. Can you change for portrait of one of our queens? See attached (some sections in English). Let me know if you need an image. Best wishes, Annemarie Jordan and Dagmar Eichbeger

    1. Dear Annemarie and Dagmar,
      Thank you for your comment. The exhibition seems very interesting.
      With the Coello I was trying to underscore the relevance of this exhibition to our visitors, who are mostly interested in Spanish art. But I take your point and have changed the image now. I could not see the attachment you mention so I used the ivory fan on the exhibition’s website. I hope that works!

      Best wishes,


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