ARTES-CEEH Scholarships 2021

ARTES and CEEH are delighted to announce the winners of the ARTES-CEEH scholarships for 2021, and congratulate all those who have received an award. Details of the awards and their criteria are available on our Awards pages.

PhD scholarship (UK)

Nausheen Hoosein: £3000. PhD candidate, University of York. Supervisor: Dr Richard McClary

Title: From Umayyad Madinat al-Zahra to Almohad Seville: The Reuse of Caliphal Capitals in the Twelfth Century

Madinat al-Zahra is perhaps the most emblematic palatial construction of tenth-century Umayyad Spain. Some 150 kilometres west of the palace and two centuries after its demise, the Almohads would designate Seville as their Iberian capital. Despite the significant lapse in time and space, the two dynasties, the Umayyads and Almohads, and their respective imperial sites, Madinat al-Zahra and Seville’s Giralda and Alcázar, are connected through the reuse of marble from the former to the latter. The project will address the use of Umayyad spolia while contextualising the historical significance and perpetuity of Andalusi court culture in Almohad Seville.

Spanish PhD/post-doc scholarship

Dr Marina Garzón: £3000

PhD (2019): Santa María la Mayor de Toro (Zamora): iglesia y ciudad (1157-1312), University of Santiago de Compostela, supervised by Professor Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras

Project title: ‘My darling, fly thou’: New iconography of the Song of Songs in Iberian medieval sculpture.

The sculpted cycle of the portal of San Pedro de Villanueva (Asturias), which features three different episodes portraying the love between a knight and a lady, may hold the key to interpret other similar reliefs that populate Romanesque churches in the north of Spain. Having noted in my dissertation that these images are a rare depiction of the Bible’s Song of Songs, I intend to explore this iconography and its relationship to other sculptures of knights and ladies that embody Psalm 44, in order to offer a new reading of these related cycles. In order to complete my work I will travel to London to visit the Warburg and British Library. It is there that I will be able to ensure that I have read the most recent literature related to the subject. I will also examine the Courtauld Image Libraries – specifically the Conway and Witt Libraries – in search of other iconographic examples of the Song of Songs and Psalm 44 like the ones found in British Psalters.

Travel Scholarships

Yeidy Rosa. PhD candidate, Durham University. Supervisors: Dr Yarí Pérez Marín and Dr Laura León Llerena

£750 to conduct research in Seville. Project Title: (Un)Making Guaman Poma’s Illustrations: Reconsidering the Role of Visual Sources in El primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno, 1615

Daen Palma Huse. MA student, UCL. Supervisor: Dr Emily Floyd

£750 to conduct research in Madrid. Title: The Intersection of Rhetoric Imagery and Text in the Context of Andean Religion 1700-1750: The Case of “El Rivero”

Eva Sierra. 3rd-year BA History of Art, Birkbeck

£500 for travel to Madrid and Barcelona. Dissertation title: The Iconography of Saint Michael in the Crown of Aragon in the Fifteenth Century

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