ARTES-CEEH Scholars 2023!

ARTES is delighted to announce our scholars for 2023, with thanks as always to CEEH for their generous support. Further information on our annual scholarships is available here.

Scholarship for students studying for a PhD in the UK: Daniela Castro Ruiz, Durham University

The Bestiario de Don Juan de Austria in the Context of Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Spanish Illuminated Manuscripts

My PhD examines the Bestiario de Don Juan de Austria (c.1570), the only extant bestiary composed in Castilian and the only one that is extensively illustrated, offering depictions of a range of creatures, from the mythical (the unicorn, the phoenix, etc) through to the exotic (the parrot, the hippopotamus, etc) and the everyday (the dog, the dolphin, etc) in a range of natural landscape settings completed by signifiers of society. The aim is to understand the relationship between image and the text, looking principally at questions of visual reception.

Bestiario de Don Juan de Austria. Yuste, Spain c.1570. Printed Fascimile with introduction and commentaries by Alvar, Fradejas-Rueda, Martín-Pérez, Serna-Gómez de Segura and Penedo. Spain: Siloé, 1998. Santa María de la Vid Monastery Library, Burgos, Spain. Folios 11r, 52v, 58r and 150v.

Scholarship for the holder of a PhD from Spain: Dr Emma Cahill, University of Murcia

Portraiture, Gender, and the Construction of the Image of Power in the Beginning of the Royal Collection Trust and the Prado Museum.

This project studies the beginning of the Spanish and British royal collections with a special emphasis on portraiture and gender. Starting with Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand or Aragon and Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the portrait exchanges between the Tudor dynasty and the Spanish Monarchy were the foundation of the extensive collections amassed by the royal houses of Great Britain and Spain. Women played an important role in this development but have been often overlooked. This study will vindicate their trailblazing role as patrons of the arts in the construction of the image of royal power.


  1. Anonymous, Queen Isabella I of Spain, Queen of Castille (1451-1501), xv century, oil on panel, 37.5 x 26.9 cm., RCIN 403445. Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023
  2. Anonymous, Elizabeth of York (1465-1503), xv century, oil on panel, 38.7 x 27.8 cm., RCIN 403447. Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023
  3. Anthonis Mor, Mary Tudor, Queen of England, 1554, oil on panel, 109 x 84 cm., P002108. © Museo Nacional del Prado
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