Online Conference: Poetry in paint: Titian’s late mythologies, Organised by the National Gallery, November 3rd, 10th, & 17th

An online conference about the history, context and reception of Titian’s mythological paintings, or ‘poesie’, for Philip II. For more information, including ticket prices, the full programme, and how to register, please click here.

Exhibition: Picasso and the Mediterranean, @ Fundación Canal, Madrid

Picasso and the Mediterranean Fundación Canal, Calle Mateo Inurria, Madrid 1 June – 15 August 2017 Free exhibition of 91 works, mainly ceramics and prints, selected from the Picasso Museo Casa Natal in Málaga. About half the exhibition is devoted to the inspiration Picasso drew from bull-fighting and its rituals and includes his series ofContinue reading “Exhibition: Picasso and the Mediterranean, @ Fundación Canal, Madrid”