Ex ungue leonem. Marble heads by the Master of Cabestany, Barcelona, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, 4 April – 28 September 2014. The four marble heads displayed in Room 4 of the Museum are fragments from the doorway of Sant Pere de Rodes, carved in the second third of the twelfth century, a masterpiece attributedContinue reading

Picasso: Barcelona

Picasso: Paisajes de Barcelona, Museu Picasso, Barcelona, 29 May – 18 September. Exhibition focusing on local landscapes painted and drawn by Picasso mainly between 1895 and 1903 as he was developing his own personal style. He returned to paint the city once more in 1917 in a radically different manner. The works are shown besideContinue reading “Picasso: Barcelona”

Sorolla: the Colour of the Sea, Barcelona

Sorolla: El Color del Mart (The Colour of the Sea), CaixaForum, Barcelona, 12 June – 14 September 2014. Previously shown at the Museo Sorolla, Madrid, from which many of the paintings have been selected along with works from the Museo Thyssen in Malaga. The exhibition focuses on Sorolla’s favourite theme, the sea and the manyContinue reading “Sorolla: the Colour of the Sea, Barcelona”

Susana Solana, Barcelona

Susana Solana, Fundació Suñol, Barcelona, 23 May-6 September. A focused display from the Fundació’s collection of the abstract sculptures and installations produced by the Barcelona-born Susana Solana (1946). Since she began her career in the 1980s Solana has become internationally renowned through exhibitions at Kassel Documenta (1987, 1992), São Paolo Bienal (1987) and the Venice BiennaleContinue reading “Susana Solana, Barcelona”

Magistri Cataloniae, Barcelona, 7-8 November 2014

I simposi Magistri Cataloniae: artista anònim, artista amb signatura: Identitat, estatus i rol de l’artista en l’art medieval. (Part of the research project Artistas, patronos y público: Cataluña y el Mediterráneo: Siglos XI-XV.) Barcelona,  Departament d’Art i de Musicologia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 7-8 November 2014. More information about the Magistri Cataloniae project. Programme Registration

Post Picasso: Reacciones contemporáneas, Barcelona

Post Picasso: Reacciones contemporáneas, Museu Picasso, Barcelona, 7 March – 29 June 2014. First exhibition to focus on the influence of Picasso’s art on contemporary visual arts since his death in 1973. Some 75 work including photography and video installations alongside paintings and sculpture, by 42 artists from across the world including Spain and SouthContinue reading “Post Picasso: Reacciones contemporáneas, Barcelona”

Joan Colom, Barcelona

Joan Colom: Photographs 1957-2012, Museu Nacional d’Art Catalunya, Barcelona, 12 December 2013 – 25 May 2014. Major retrospective of this Barcelona-born photographer (b.1921), who revolutionised Spanish photo-reportage with his work in Barcelona especially his series focussing on its run-down barrios and red-light districts of the late 1950s and 1960s. Selected from the archive of moreContinue reading “Joan Colom, Barcelona”