El Greco in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art: Exhibition closes 1st February 2015

El Greco in New York (New York, Metropolitan Museum). Exhibition closes 1st February 2015. To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco, New York’s Metropolitan Museum and the Hispanic Society of America are pooling their collections of the work of this great painter to provide a panorama of his art unrivaled outside the MuseoContinue reading “El Greco in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art: Exhibition closes 1st February 2015”

El Greco at the Frick Collection, New York: Final weeks

The Frick Collection, New York: El Greco at the Frick Collection. Exhibition closes on 1st February 2015. Henry Clay Frick had a deep appreciation for Spanish painting, particularly the work of El Greco. Frick traveled to Spain twice and acquired three works by the artist between 1905 and 1913. Here they are displayed side by side for the firstContinue reading “El Greco at the Frick Collection, New York: Final weeks”

The Frick Collection, New York: Lecture on El Greco by Xavier Bray, 28 January 2015

The Frick Collection, New York, Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 6:00–7:00PM: “Demystifying El Greco: His Use of Wax, Clay, and Plaster Models“. Lecture by Xavier Bray, Arturo and Holly Melosi Chief Curator, Dulwich Picture Gallery (London). Free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis; reservations not accepted. An inventory of El Greco’s studio madeContinue reading “The Frick Collection, New York: Lecture on El Greco by Xavier Bray, 28 January 2015”

The Frick Collection, New York: Symposium, El Greco Comes to America, 26 January 2015

New York: The Frick Collection’s Center for the History of Collecting is holding a symposium, “El Greco Comes to America,” on Monday, January 26, 2015, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Registration is required if you wish to attend this free event. Speakers: Ellen Prokop, Susan Grace Galassi, Marcus Burke, Walter Liedtke, Xavier Salomon, José LuisContinue reading “The Frick Collection, New York: Symposium, El Greco Comes to America, 26 January 2015”

ARTES visit: Contemplation of the Divine, Sotheby’s, London

Contemplation of the Divine, Sotheby’s, New Bond Street Galleries, 5-16 July 2014 ARTES Members’ visit: Monday, 7 July, 2:30PM. Comprises a selection of predominantly Spanish, Italian and Early Netherlandish paintings and sculpture ranging in period from the Early Renaissance through until the late Baroque. Link to the web catalogue Link to the catalogue (page-turner version)

El Greco and Modern Painting, Madrid

El Greco y la Pintura Moderna (El Greco and Modern Painting), Prado Museum, Madrid, 24 June – 5 October 2014. The latest of the exhibitions in Spain devoted to the Cretan’s art and influence focuses on the rediscovery of El Greco by nineteenth- and twentieth-century modern and avant-garde artists in France, Germany, Spain and NorthContinue reading “El Greco and Modern Painting, Madrid”

Contemporary art responses to El Greco, Toledo

Contemporary art responses to El Greco: Cristina Iglesias will install a sequence of sculptures around Toledo in celebration of the artist and Elena Ochoa Foster has organised an exhibition of photographers’ responses to the city of Toledo in the city’s Centro Cultural San Marcos, 21 February – 14 June.

The Greek of Toledo, Toledo

The Greek of Toledo, 14 March – 14 June 2014, Museo de Santa Cruz and other venues across Toledo including the Cathedral Sacristy, Chapel of San José, the monastery of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, church of Santo Tomé and the Tavera Hospital. The lead exhibition is curated by Fernando Marías, Professor of Art History atContinue reading “The Greek of Toledo, Toledo”

El Greco’s Library, Prado

El Greco’s Library, Museo del Prado,1 April – 29 June 2014. Reconstructs the literary and theoretical roots of El Greco’s art via the books he owned according to the inventories produced by his son in 1614 and 1621. Of the 130 books owned by the artist the Prado has brought together about 40 books fromContinue reading “El Greco’s Library, Prado”

El Greco Conference – Toledo 19-23 May 2014

The Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Fundación Ortega y Gasset-Marañón, Toledo El Greco: works and places This conference will look in detail at El Greco’s art and at the places where he lived and worked. Leading experts will be delivering their lectures in situ with the artist’s works and Toledo will be hosting many related exhibitionsContinue reading “El Greco Conference – Toledo 19-23 May 2014”