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Featured Exhibition: Thoughts on Portraiture, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, 3 August–18 November 2019

A free one-room show which draws on Birmingham’s collection of modern and contemporary art to explore how artists have used a wide range of styles and imagery to interpret complex human emotion and experiences. The display is centred around the sculpted polychrome group Man and His Sheep (1989) by the Brazilian-born artist Ana Maria Pacheco, which has not been on show for over five years. The striking installation consists of eight lifelike carved wooden figures arranged in a procession. Each imposing figure is carved from a single piece of limewood then painted and waxed to give a startling lifelike appearance, enhanced by their onyx eyes and acrylic teeth, which add a somewhat sinister expression. Pacheco’s oil painting In Illo Tempore I (1994) is also on display. The display also includes two Picasso etchings from the Vollard Suite. Winged Bull Watched by Four Children (1934) shows a monstrous mythological beast, whilst Portrait of Vollard (1937) uses lighter and darker shades to depict different characteristics of Ambroise Vollard, the art dealer who commissioned the Suite of prints. For conservation reasons neither of these works on paper are likely to be on display again soon. Other artists whose portraits are featured in the exhibition include a self-portrait by the Birmingham-born David Bomberg and Frank Auerbach’s etching of his friend the art historian Michael Podro.
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ARTES Visit to the Barber Institute & the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Mon 6 July 2015

ARTES Visit to Birmingham

The Barber Institute of Art &
The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG)

(c) The Barber Institute of Fine Arts; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

After Velázquez, Mariana of Austria, wife of Philip IV

(c) The Barber Institute of Fine Arts; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, The Marriage Feast at Cana

Monday 6 July 2015
11.00 – 16.30 pm

This visit is at the kind invitation of Robert Wenley of the Barber Institute who will introduce the key Spanish works. Helen Hillyard, National Gallery Curatorial Trainee at the BMAG, will also give us an introduction to her display and its Spanish works. 

Provisional Timetable
11.00 – Arrive at the Barber for Tea & Coffee
11.30 – Look at key Spanish works in the Barber collection and explore the galleries
13.30 – Leave for Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and lunch
15.00 – Look at the Spanish works in the Birmingham Museum
& Art Gallery collection and explore the galleries
16.30 – Day finishes

If you would like to attend this events, please contact Morlin at artesiberia@gmail.com. This event is free for members. There will be a charge for guests of £10 (payable on the day)
Membership of ARTES is £35 and £20 for students. For more information and membership forms to download and send, go to the Join Us tab above.