Doctoral Studentship for Spanish Architecture at the University of Warwick

The university of Warwick is offering a Doctoral Studentship to a UK/EU candidate, focusing on ‘Petrifying Wealth: Religious buildings in Zamora, 11th-13th Centuries: building processes, forms and functions’ Outline of the project  The construction of churches or church buildings is obviously as old as the dominance of Christianity in Western societies. The petrification of ecclesiastical wealth,Continue reading “Doctoral Studentship for Spanish Architecture at the University of Warwick”

Fundación Carolina: Call for scholarship applications, 2015-2016

 The Fundación Carolina (Spain) has released its call for scholarship applications, 2015-2016, in a variety of fields including “artes, humanidades, y comunicación”.  Applications are not limited to individuals in Spanish-speaking countries; the Fundación Carolina invites applications from Brazilian scholars, too. The range of support appears to extend, for example, to students working on doctoral degrees as wellContinue reading “Fundación Carolina: Call for scholarship applications, 2015-2016”