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Featured exhibition: ‘La hija del Virrey. El mundo femenino novohispano en el siglo XVII’, Museo de América, Madrid, until 3 March


Curated by Andrés Gutiérrez Usillos, this exhibition focuses on an anonymous portrait of c. 1670. The work represents Doña María Luisa de Toledo, daughter of the Marquis of Mancera, Viceroy of New Spain, accompanied by a tattooed Indigenous woman. The show explores the world of the women portrayed in the painting, for example by reconstructing Doña María Luisa de Toledo’s trousseau, composed mainly of American and Asian items acquired in Mexico. The presentation thus analyses the clashes and encounters among the different worlds which coexisted in Viceregal America from a rare female perspective.

 Click here for more information, and here for an exhibition brochure.


New England / New Spain: Portraiture in the Colonial Americas, 1492-1850, Denver, January 2015

New England / New Spain: Portraiture in the Colonial Americas, 1492-1850, Symposium, Frederick + Jan Mayer Centre, Denver Art Museum, 23-24 January 2015.
Each year, the Denver Art Museum hosts a two-day symposium on a New World topic, alternating between a Pre-Columbian theme one year and a colonial Spanish theme the next year. The 2014 symposium, which has been edged into early 2015, is co-organized by Dr. Donna Pierce, the museum’s curator of Spanish colonial art.
Speakers: Michael A. Brown, Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Clare Kunny, Karl Kusserow, James Middleton, Paula Mues Orts, Susan Rather, Michael J. Schreffler, Jennifer Van Horn, Kaylin Haverstock Weber.
Attendees will also be able to view the recently opened exhibition Glitterati: Portraits and Jewelry from Colonial Latin America.