Maius Workshop – Palaeography Online: Iberian Documents in Virtual Times, 4 May, 5pm (London)

In this session, we will discuss innovative ways of confronting medieval Iberian documents. We will hear from the PI of a born-digital, collaborative project which exemplifies the potential of the internet in reshaping the study of pre-modern sources. We will also learn from the ongoing research of an ECR who has adapted to the challenges of COVID-19 to ask fascinating questions about Mozarabic evidence.


Aengus Ward, Professor of Medieval Iberian Studies at the University of Birmingham
From 2013–16 Professor Ward headed-up an AHRC-funded project to transcribe all of the manuscripts of Alfonso el Sabio’s history of Spain (Estoria de Espanna). The research project was accompanied by Transcribeestoria, a pilot project which aimed to engage a broad public in the study of the middle ages in Spain though a collaborative transcription platform and palaeography training.

Helen Flatley, DPhil candidate, St Cross College, University of Oxford
Helen’s doctoral project sheds light on the nature of inter-religious interaction and exchange in 12th and 13th-century Iberia through the study of the Mozarabs of Toledo. Her research draws especially in the rich and still under-utilised store of Mozarabic legal documents from Toledo in the two centuries after the conquest of the city by Alfonso VI.

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